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Hair Color Tips

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Let your haircolor reflect your personality. You choose your clothes to match your personality, so why do not the same with your hair? Let the color and style you choose talk about you—without having to say a word!

Choose a color that enhances your haircut. Get the best total look by having a consultation with your colorist and stylist at the same time.

Pick a color that best compliments your skin tone to help you look and feel healthier and happier.

Create texture with the right haircolor. Smart color placement can help hair look thicker and more voluminous—ideal for fine hair.

Follow seasonal haircolor trends to look trendy and fashionable. A Redken stylist can offer you the latest color combinations inspired by runway looks.

Use haircolor to help you look younger—not only by covering gray, but also through modern color techniques that your Redken stylist offers. Redken’s Color Gels are the way to go when you need to cover gray. The versatile formula can be used for creative color effects, too.

For a subtle change, try Redken Shades EQ. Even if you don’t want to change your color, ask your stylist for a Shades EQ Clear glaze for incredibly shiny results. It allows you to keep your color yet get more shine and excellent conditioning.

Make sure you get a haircolor regimen that is convenient for you. Talk to your stylist about how often you are comfortable with coming back to the salon and he/she can choose the best option for your needs.

Hair color can bring on a big or small change, so choose the option that is right for you. From demi-permanent to permanent, the range of options helps you get exactly what you want.

Don’t let haircolor break your bank! You can achieve a subtle result or a major change with a moderate investment.



Want Healthy Hair FAST?

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Let me let you in on a little known secret for healthy hair FAST! When I worked in New York, our model clients had to constantly change their hair for different designers and different photo shoots. One month they would have to chop their hair off and a couple months later they would need hair again. Of course extentions are the obvious go to but guess what...extentions need hair to be clipped to and they actually damage hair if worn constantly so what did the models do to grow their hair back out fast??? NO not pre-natal pills and NO not every hair supplement works!!! A little known supplement called Vivscal is the magic pill. Just like any other product it usually takes a couple of months to fully appreciate the results you will recieve but I haven't heard any complaints to this day! So go check out the website at and try them yourself because after all, healthy hair is the best canvas for your hairdresser to work with! Here's what Tabatha Coffey had to say:

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How VERY HARD water affects Bleaching/Highlights

Blonde or bleached hair or highlights that are regularly exposed to the Very Hard Water in San Antonio will show some distinct characteristics that you will readily recognize. Among these are:


  • Difficulty getting sucessful results from color services 
  • Dullness 
  • Brassiness
  • Dusty/chalky tones
  • Rusty Orange discoloration (iron buildup) 
  • Green discoloration (copper buildup) 
  • Poor texture
  • Lack of movement in the hair
  • Hot, smoking foils when highlighting your hair due to iron in the water


You might be surprised to learn how what’s hiding in your water affects your hair, scalp and skin and can sabotage your services! The problems shown above occur because Very Hard Water Over-Oxidizes hair while coating it with heavy mineral particles that do not wash away. Very Hard Water contains high levels of these calcium and magnesium “rocks.” Chances are, you are washing your hair in Very Hard Water several times a week, creating a massive buildup of minerals that will prevent color from adhering to the hair itself resulting in fading, ashy ends and lots of reformulating and rebleaching on my part. The only way I can combat these water-borne elements and give you healthy hair with great color and style is if I know what’s in the water and what to do about it. Tap water also affects the texture, brilliance and manageability of natural blonde hair, as does pool water. The good news is, I can offer a solution for this as well! 

There’s a Wellness Solution to Very Hard Water on Bleached and Highlighted hair

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When I see hair that shows the symptoms of exposure to Very Hard Water, I send clients home with a box of Malibu Wellness Actives Blondes Weekly Brightener to keep blondes (both natural and colored) bright, shiny and fresh, and to prevent minerals from building up again or chemicals from oxidizing the hair and ruining the color, texture and pliability. 

How VERY HARD water affects Haircolor

Hair that is regularly exposed to the Very Hard Water in San Antonio will show some distinct characteristics when I attempt to apply color that I will readily recognize. Among these are:


  • Difficulty getting successful, accurate results from color service 
  • Uneven color 
  • Constant reformulation 
  • Color not true to swatch 
  • Color fades within weeks or even days 
  • Lack of vibrancy 
  • Flat opaque reds and browns 
  • Chalky blondes with no sparkle 


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Malibu Wellness Actives Color PrepareMalibu Wellness Actives Color Correction

There’s a Wellness Solution to Very Hard Water when Coloring hair. When I see hair that shows the symptoms of exposure to Very Hard Water, I can start your Color service Malibu Wellness Actives Color Prepare before you color. This will help to clear much of the buildup from the hair and prepare it to receive the color service. If you are doing a touch up, I can substitute Malibu Wellness Actives Color Correction to gently normalize the color without lifting. Sometimes this is the only step I need to do to correct color that has gone dull or opaque. If your hair doesn’t show any problems or adverse conditions, I can send you home with a packet of Malibu Wellness Actives Color Prepare for you to use within a day or two of their your color service to remove minerals and oxidizers prior to coming in for their appointment. 

How VERY HARD water affects Scalp/Dandruff/Eczema

Hair and scalp that are regularly exposed to the Very Hard Water in San Antonio will show some distinct characteristics that you will readily recognize. Among these are:


  • Flaking 
  • Itching 
  • Redness or inflammation 
  • Irritation or sensitivity 
  • Dryness 
  • Flare-up of scalp conditions 
  • Abnormal Exfoliation 


Most of the products you use for dandruff and/or eczema are either tar based, which can suppress scalp exfoliation, or contain Zinc Pyrithion, a chemical which, when released into the environment has been shown to poison fish and other water-dwellers.

Malibu Wellness Actives Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer

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There’s a Wellness Solution to Very Hard Water on Dandruff and Eczema of the Scalp. When I see hair and scalp that shows the symptoms of exposure to Very Hard Water, I recommend the Malibu Wellness Scalp Wellness System -- a gentle, earth-friendly and highly effective shampoo, conditioning and treatment program. I also send you home with a box of Malibu Wellness Actives Dandruff/Eczema Weekly Scalp Massage to demineralize and normalize the skin of the scalp while helping to prevent buildup and soothing the symptoms of irritating scalp conditions. 

How VERY HARD water affects Haircuts & Styles

Hair that is regularly exposed to the Very Hard Water in San Antonio will show some distinct characteristics which you will readily recognize. Among these are:


  • Difficulty getting proper angle on cut 
  • Lack of flow and movement in hair 
  • Hair that lacks shine and natural translucence 
  • Precision cuts that don't behave when styled or require excess product to hold style 

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Malibu Wellness Actives<br/> Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer


There’s a Wellness Solution to Very Hard Water Damage on Cuts & Styles. When I see hair that shows severe symptoms of exposure to Very Hard Water, I recommend an in-salon Malibu MakeOver Crystal Gel Treatment with Power Protein Builder. This time-tested treatment gently removes mineral buildup and stops oxidation, replaces proteins in the damaged hair shaft and normalizes the hair and scalp. It is also critical to prepare hair to respond properly to chemical services. I send clients home with a box of Malibu Wellness Actives Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer to prevent minerals and oxidizers from building up again and to keep the results of your service looking good longer.


The Dangers of Oxidation from Chlorine in Your Water

The water in San Antonio comes from: Edwards and Trinity Aquifers (Ground source)

Dangerous Oxidation from the Chlorine in Your Water

Your water contains up to 1 ppm of chlorine. Treated water – from city plants – contains chlorine to kill bacteria and make the water safe to drink, but washing hair and skin in chlorine is the same as washing hair and skin in bleach: Hair proteins and hard water minerals become oxidized causing dryness, loss of color and dullness as well as scalp and skin problems.

The pH of Your Local Water and Its Potential for Problems

Your water’s pH is as high as 7. You already know that pH means the potential for hydrogen which leads to the potential for hair, scalp and skin issues! Higher pH immediately causes hair to lose shine and smooth texture, but an even more dangerous effect of a high pH level is that it induces the hair cuticle to open which can allow minerals to penetrate and damage hair proteins. Additionally, an excessively low or high pH can cause corrosion of copper pipes releasing tiny particles of copper that can attach to hair and cause discoloration. While the table above shows you the pH level reported by our local water plant, you should still test the water at home for its pH level so you can adjust your needs accordingly. Here's how:

Clients Who Use Well Water

Did you know that as many as 21,839 in Bexar county get their water from private wells? Even if you have Soft Water, many of you could be using much harder water at home from a private well. Private wells contain iron and a slew of heavy metals that discolor, add weight, cause breakage and hair loss and otherwise wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Well Water can cause many of the same problems as Hard Water. Symptoms include:


  • Dull, limp hair 
  • Brassiness 
  • Rusty orange discoloration (iron buildup) 
  • Poor texture 
  • Lack of movement 
  • Difficulty getting successful results from chemical services 
  • Dry skin or signs of premature aging


In addition to helping me better guarantee your in-salon services, knowing that well water is a factor can guide me in recommending products for use at home on hair, scalp and skin. The first step, if possible, is to have you bring in a sample of your water so I can test it. Knowing the content of your water is critical to the success of your hair, scalp and skin services.

You can get that information in one of two easy ways:

Request Water Quality Report or Test Your Water

Request a Water Quality Report

If you reside in an area serviced by a local water department, your water department is required by law to mail your Water Quality Report to you annually. If you do not have a copy of your most recent Water Quality Report, simply call your local water department and ask them to mail it to you.

Once you have your Water Quality Report, fax it to Malibu Wellness at 317.375.3175. Click here to print a cover page to accompany your faxed Water Quality Report. Once we receive your faxed Water Quality Report, we will analyze your water data and email you a customized analysis of how your water is affecting your clients’ hair, scalp and skin and your services!

Test Your Own Water:

If there is no local water department serving your area (which means your water comes from a private well), you can test your water with a water hardness test strip (available at your local pool supply store).

After you’ve tested your water and you know if your water is soft, hard or very hard, email your results to Malibu Wellness at and we’ll email you a customized analysis telling you how your water is affecting your hair, scalp and skin.

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Spring Flings....

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Spring is all about easy, unfettered 'dos that are simple yet versatile, says celebrity hair pro Ken Paves, so to create plenty of styling options, he suggests using Hair Do®. Here's how he uses the Hair Do® Wrap-Around Ponytail to fashion a gorgeous and trend-setting low chignon a perfect 'do for prom-bound clients! First, pull hair into a low ponytail. Take hold of the three-pronged comb on the inside top of the Hair Do® ponytail piece. Slip the comb underneath the rubber band in the ponytail to secure. Once the comb is secured behind the rubber band, wrap one side of the piece at a time underneath the ponytail base and press together so it connects. Wrap a section of hair around the base of the ponytail. Next, secure the strip of hair with hairpins then twist the newly-created ponytail and loosely wrap it around the ponytail base until it is completely wrapped into a chignon shape. Secure the chignon in place with hairpins and your client is set for spring!

Your Summer Hair Color Survival Guide

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Does your hair need a color reboot?

We share the top new trends, DIY dye helpers, and hot-weather maintenance tips from the pros.

By Fiorella Valdesolo from Marie Claire

Women have been struggling with hair color for centuries: Gauls at the end of the Iron Age used limewater to bleach their locks a stark white (à la model Abbey Lee Kershaw); the ancient Greeks mixed potash water with yellow flowers to impart a golden sheen; and in early Rome, women masked grays with a mixture of ashes, boiled walnut shells, and earthworms. You'll find none of these remedies here!



SANDY BLONDE Nestled between brunette and blonde, "sandy blonde is a good transitional shade," says Manhattan-based colorist Marie Robinson. "And you don't have to worry about it getting too messed up with chlorine because it's darker, more forgiving."

FAINT PASTELS Both Ashley Olsen and Kelly Osbourne have dabbled in pastels before — baby-blue streaks and an allover lilac, respectively — but the new way to wear them is more understated. "Ask your colorist to add a slight pastel tint to the toner so it will give a blush to blonde hair," says Lena Ott of NYC's ION Studio.

RICH BRUNETTES This season's browns differentiate themselves with a spectrum of unexpected undertones — Robinson loves light browns with a complexion-flattering caramel reddish tone, while Ott favors cedar browns with hints of light-catching violet.

PLATINUM When it comes to visual impact, platinum is a winner. And that Jean Harlow-esque champagne has been updated for today. "Think Nordic blonde like Michelle Williams," says Victoria Hunter of Whittemore House Salon. "Blonde and bright, but really clean."

OMBRé Popular within every color family, ombré (which means "shadow" in French) is an effect where one color at the roots gradually transitions to another shade at the ends. Negin Zand of Sally Hershberger's L.A. salon reveals how to make it modern: "Add fine highlights at the root, then keep it thicker toward the bottom."


ENTRY-LEVEL COLOR Subtle hue changes that make a big impact


Flirt with the idea of red, while still keeping it in the family. "Gloss a blonde with a reddish or strawberry tone," says Serge Normant Salon colorist Aura Friedman. "You can do that really golden coppery strawberry blonde, or a cooler, ginger version like Evan Rachel Wood."


Make your cocoa hue a bit hotter. "Liv Tyler is a great example," says Robinson. "She has a rich chocolate brown with subtle light chestnut shades throughout her hair, so it's not monochromatic and has reflection."


Television's favorite vixen has a red that packs a punch. "What's so beautiful about Christina's red is that it strikes the balance between blue-red and orange-copper, so it could fit a lot of skin tones," says Robinson.



Overexposure to water and sun can translate to major fading for colored hair during the summer months. Here, six tips to keep your color vibrant all season long:

USE PROTECTION. Create a barrier between hair and the elements by coating strands. "Wet your hair first, and then apply conditioner before taking a swim," says Ott. "This will act as a buffer so your hair won't absorb chlorine." Oils like Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment ($32) will also do the trick.

CLEANSE CAREFULLY. Aveda's Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner ($15 each) are gentle on dyed strands, while Kérastase's new Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm ($42) is a sulfate-free, low-foam formula that helps fight fading. If you notice fade-out, try a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner.

TRY A GLOSS. "A gloss helps touch you up in between appointments and protects color," says Ott. "It will also extend the life of your color a bit."

ADD SHINE. A weekly hydrating mask is essential for colored hair. Bosley's Professional Strength Moisture Masque ($39), Marie Robinson's Colorist Cure ($75), and Bumble and Bumble's Creme de Coco Masque ($26) all restore shine and quench dry, brittle strands.

COOL IT DOWN. "When you're taking a shower, just do one quick shock of cool water at the end to really keep in color and shine," says Friedman.

PREVENT BUILDUP. Chlorine, salt, and products can quickly wear out their welcome on your scalp. "A clarifying shampoo is essential during the summer," says Hunter. "But only use it when you really notice buildup [probably once a month] because it not only draws out the bad stuff, it takes out color as well."


NEW COLOR TOOLS With updated consistencies and longer-lasting formulas, newfangled dye products turn your bathroom into the salon


Extend the time between color with handy touch-up tools. Manhattan colorist Rita Hazan's Root Concealer ($24) is a spray-on formula that masquerades both grays and roots, making color last an extra two weeks. "It's easy to use and doesn't come out until you shampoo," says Hazan. Even more straightforward, Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection Root Touch-Up ($8) is essentially mascara (a comb-in gel tint) for your hair. 


Traditionally, dramatic color change has required a trip to the salon, but a couple of new con-tenders may change that. Kelly Van Gogh's Multi-Dimensional Luxury Colour ($39) uses a patented cold-pressed delivery system that pushes color deep into the hair cuticle while simultaneously nourishing strands. And Natural Instincts Vibrant ($9) is a demi-permanent, intense color formula that lasts up to eight weeks, covers grays, and can lighten hair.


The texture of the moment is light-as-air. L'Oréal Paris' Sublime Mousse ($10) has a frothy consistency that can be massaged in like shampoo, while both John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour ($13) and Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam ($9) feature fluffy formulas that provide even coverage and can be applied with fingertips. Bonus: All are completely drip-resistant.



Zoe Wiepert of Bumble and Bumble offers three pre-treatment tips

1. "Always start in the back when coloring at home because that's where hair is naturally darker. The hair around your face is finer and more porous, which means that it's going to grab color quicker, and that will give you that wiggy, inky look."

2. "Keep your sections clean and separate so there's no overlap — otherwise, those areas will become darker. If you feel like you need to go over sections, it's best just to do it for the last three to five minutes on the ends."

3. "Make sure hair is in good condition before you color. The more porous hair is, the more it absorbs dye, resulting in inconsistent color."



Some of the best remedies for your hair color problems are hiding in your kitchen.

KETCHUP "If you're swimming in chlorine too much and your hair — any shade — turns green, try using ketchup all over your strands to neutralize the green. Warning: Very pale blondes may turn a little beige." — Marie Robinson

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR "Once a week, do a rinse with a capful of apple cider vinegar mixed with three cups of warm water to seal in color." — Aura Friedman

VODKA "Shampoo, then mix a half-cup of vodka with four cups of hot water and pour it over your hair, avoiding your eyes. This will help remove chlorine and mineral deposits. Plus, it also helps get rid of henna." — A.F.

DISH SOAP "Get rid of chlorine buildup by mixing dish soap with baking soda to create a paste, then put it on the ends, which is usually where you get most of that green discoloration. Make sure to use a good conditioner afterward because this treatment leaves hair squeaky clean." — Zoe Wiepert

COCONUT OIL "Salt water, like the sun, can brighten hair and also break it down and make it drier. Once a week, put coconut oil all over hair and sleep on it." — Z.W.

EGGS, OLIVE OIL, VINEGAR "Mix raw eggs, olive oil, and vinegar into a hair mask, and keep it on for 30 minutes to help color shine." — Z.W.

CHAMOMILE TEA, HONEY "Brew a pot of chamomile tea with a few drops of lavender oil, then add three tablespoons of honey and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature. Pour it over your hair and leave in for five minutes. The chamomile gives blondes a nice golden tone, while the honey makes hair super-shiny and the lavender oil soothes the scalp." — Victoria Hunter

The 7 Sexiest Spring Haircuts

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Jennifer Aniston - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - BobJennifer Aniston's One-Length Bob

WHY IT WORKS: Aniston's hairstylist Chris McMillan gave her a face-framing bob, cutting hair shorter in the back and longer in the front. The angled effect makes the cut modern, not too blunt or overly layered.


HOW TO GET IT: Ask for an angled bob that starts at the nape of the neck and follows your jaw line. Keep the ends one length, and go easy on the layers.

Jessica Alba - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Bob



Jessica Alba's Punky Bob

WHY IT WORKS "The length flatters her face shape and the longer layers give it a sexy feel," said her hairstylist Robert Ramos. "Her coppery highlights also bring out the softness of the layers.

HOW TO GET IT "It isn't noticeable, but the back of the cut is slightly shorter than the front," Ramos said. "The length hits just above the collarbone and has long layers worked in."



Keira Knightley - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - BobKeira Knightley's Textured Bob

WHY IT WORKS "The length of her hair draws attention to her chin, while the long fringe really opens up her face," said hairstylist Michael Barnes. "The soft natural waves are also very flattering."


HOW TO GET IT "Ask for a graduated bob with longer layers through the front," Barnes said. "Take Knightley's picture to the salon with you, and be sure to ask how to get the delicate waves into your hair."

Emma Watson - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Short Hair

Emma Watson's Polished Pixie

WHY IT WORKS "Emma's face perfectly suits a short style like this," said hairstylist Rodney Cutler, who cut Emma's hair. "It's a tailored style that really brings out her natural beauty."


HOW TO GET IT "Ask your stylist for a rounded layered technique—the hair should hug the shape of your head, and should be blunt, not choppy," said Cutler.

Rachel McAdams - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Medium with LayersRachel McAdams's Bouncy Layers

WHY IT WORKS McAdams's mane man, Sebastian's Thomas Dunkin, says this cut creates volume and texture all on its own. "The long layers and mid-length bangs also make it perfect for someone who is growing out their hair," he said.


HOW TO GET IT "Ask for a collarbone-length cut with long layers and an angled fringe," advised Dunkin.

Diane Kruger - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Long Hair

Diane Kruger's Full Layers

WHY IT WORKS "Diane has fine hair, and the slight layering on the ends make it appear fuller," said her hairstylist, Remington's Richard Marin.


HOW TO GET IT "Have your hair cut blunt on the ends, then slightly layered—nothing major—to add some movement," Marin said. "Blow-dry your hair with an ionic dryer, using a boar-bristle round brush to maximize shine and volume."

Olivia Wilde - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - BangsOlivia Wilde's Airy Bangs

WHY IT WORKS Wilde has a strong jaw, which is softened by the wispy, face-framing layers. Long, airy bangs draw attention to the eyes.


HOW TO GET IT Ask for eyebrow-grazing bangs that are tapered at the corners, and angled layers starting from the chin down.

Valentine's Day 'Dos

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Here are some ideas to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day:


Just Loose-

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Side Pony-

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Full Up -

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Don't have long hair?  Try Clip in Extensions-

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Is Your Hair Wrong for you?

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Take these quizes to see what your hair really says about you; maybe it's time for a whole new look?

Like it or not, your hairstyle and color tell people a whole lot about you before you even open your mouth (or in my case, trip as I walk over to shake hands, but I digress ...). So you should really have a look that sends the message you want. How do you do that?

With these quizes, of course. Answer a few questions and you'll be matched up with a hairstyle and color that speaks perfectly to your personality -- not just what your hairdresser was feeling the day of your appointment.

You might get lucky and find out that your current color and 'do were meant for you (hey, that rhymed), or you might discover you're in need of a major hair overhaul. If that's the case, no worries, this will point you in the right direction. -Beauty Riot

Is Your Hair the Wrong Style?

Who else is curious about what their hair says about them? I've worn mine in the same style for the past two years (long and wavy, just like Kate Hudson's), because I thought it made me look a certain way. Boy, was I wrong.

I was shocked to see what my hairstyle actually said about my personality. And I bet you would be too, if someone told you what your hair really says about you. I mean, if yours gave off some crazy old lady vibe when you're anything but, you would want to be the first to know, right? Or if it's screaming, "I hate everybody!" when you're actually one of the nicest people in the world? Not the easiest way to make friends.

I was way interested to see what hairstyle would match my personality, so I spoke to celebrity hairstylist Ange Grmolyes from the Frederic Fekkai Salon in Los Angeles, whose clients include Kristen Bell and Molly Sims. She helped me analyze the different kinds of hairstyles out there, and she shared her expert advice on what vibes they give off.

If you're as curious as I was, you can finally find out if your hairstyle is totally wrong for you, or if your hair is in fact a perfect match for your personality. From wild and messy to sweet and sassy, every personality has a rockin' hairstyle to match, so take this quiz to find yours. It's fun, quick and so worth it to find a look that's totally and fabulously "you." -Beauty Riot


So what about your color?

Ever wondered why your hair is mousy brown when you're anything but? Seriously, what if our strands could take a cue from our personality and auto-dye to a matching shade? What color would yours be?

Before you take a guess and head to the sink with a box of hot pink hair color or to the salon for some major dyeing, maybe you should find out which hair color shade is really right for you. Not only will you save yourself some time and cash, but you also won't have to deal with totally fried hair. Too many boxes of hair color or bottles of bleach and you're hair will look more Courtney Love or Lindsay Lohan than Kate Hudson or Ashlee Simpson. Trust us, rehab-chic is not a trend you want to be starting.

So take this quiz to see whether your hair color is doing your persona any favors or if you should get your butt into a stylist's chair, pronto. And once you do take the dye plunge, make sure you follow up with products made for color-treated hair, OK? Like we said, you don't want to try and rock the frizzy straw look, we don't even want to know what personality that matches up with (pretty sure it rhymes with dazy or minsane though).- Beauty Riot


Here are some tips for choosing a color that's right for you:

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Best Hair for Your Lifestyle?

The best advice I've ever gotten from someone was to change my hairstyle.

Why? Because I was totally oblivious to the fact that my hair was ruining my life. And I'm not exaggerating or being a drama queen (at least not right now, ha). The hairstyle I've had for years was seriously getting in the way of how I lived my life. If you're not really sure what that feels like, I came up with a few scenarios to illustrate what I'm talking about:

Scenario 1: You're zooming down the highway on your "bad girl" motorcycle wearing a tight leather jumpsuit ... swatting aside your bouncy, perfectly coifed curls.

Scenario 2: You're at the country club's monthly gathering, trying to delicately toss your hair over your shoulder while drinking tea -- not so easy when you're sporting a spiked pixie.

OK, so I don't own a motorcycle and I've never been to a tea party. But I totally know the feeling of getting a haircut and then realizing later on that it's just not working for my lifestyle. Ever feel that way before? Yeah, it sucks.

But I always say, there's no point in making a mistake if you don't learn from it. Right? So I tracked down Cutler Redken Stylist Dean Holcombe to see what I could do to fix my life's biggest mistake. (OK, OK, I'll tone down the drama.)

I asked him why it's so important to pick the right hairstyle for your lifestyle, and he said, "The way you wear your hair reflects the way you want to be perceived in life." Not only that, you'll be more comfortable in your looks, which means you'll be more confident in the way you live your life. Perfect.

So answer some fun, simple questions about your lifestyle to get matched with your best haircut. And the next time your man/best friend/mom tells you to change your hairstyle, don't ignore them. It just might be the best advice you'll ever get. -Beauty Riot



Protect Your Haircolor This Summer

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Tracey Cunningham and Rodney Cutler’s Advice on Protecting Haircolor

Summer is officially here and clients are beach bound and lounging by the pool soaking up the rays and enjoying some fun in the sun. While being outdoors translates into sun-kissed skin and natural highlights, the UV rays and other environmental aggressors can damage hair and skin. As beauty pros, we need to provide our clients with the utmost care and protection for when they come in contact with sun, salt and chlorine. We turned to Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler/Redken Salons and Tracey Cunningham, Redken's Creative Consultant for Color and co-owner of Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills for some solid advice. Here’s what they had to say:


“At our salon in Miami, we often see clients with damaged hair from being out in the sun or water,” says Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler/Redken Salons. ”Many of them are not aware that they can protect and correct existing damage with the right products! It’s essential to protect your hair while out in the sun!”

As advised by Cutler, ultimate protection for hair is a must when under the sun, in water or all year-round when living in warmer climates. Damage to hair includes: stripping away of the hair cuticle by UV rays causing hair to become dull, rough and prone to frizz and flyaways, as well as color fading in both colored and virgin hair. In addition, pool chemicals and sea salts strip away healthy oils and bind to hair increasing vulnerability to the sun – this results in haircolor becoming brassy, grayish or even green and hair texture drying out.


“While our clients are not always on the beach or in the pool, they are constantly in the California sun,” says Tracey Cunningham, Redken's Creative Consultant for Color and co-owner of Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills. “This daily exposure affects their haircolor and the quality of hair causing much dryness and brassiness. We always try to stress daily UV protection for hair, and now we can recommend specific products for our clients to use.”

What are Cutler and Cunningham’s go-to-products? Redken, but of course! Redken’s new Color Extend Sun solar screen SPF 12 offers patented UV protection for hair against the sun and environmental aggressors, while helping to correct and repair existing damage. The scalp is particularly vulnerable to both UVA and UVB rays, and sunburned scalp is often painful and can result in peeling of the scalp skin and the appearance of dandruff-like flakes in the hair. To prevent clients from saying “ouch” they recommend their clients apply Redken Color Extend Sun’s Solar Screen SPF 12 at least 30 minutes before sun exposure for optimum protection against the effects of damaging UV rays.


Did you know pool chemicals and sea salts can strip away hair’s healthy oils and bind to the hair intensifying the damaging effects of the sun? Yup—no joke. Encourage clients to apply Redken’s Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield prior to swimming to preserve the integrity of the hair fiber and create a barrier that helps prevent chemicals and minerals from adhering to the hair’s surface.

UV rays are present year-round, even in the winter and on cloudy days and UVA rays can pass through windows to attack haircolor when your clients least expects it. Show them how to apply Redken Color Extend Sun’s Shimmering Defense before applying styling products as a lightweight leave-in conditioner to help protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun while also preventing dryness and replenishing moisture.


Pool chemicals and sea minerals can turn haircolor brassy, grayish or even green, and can penetrate the cuticle to accelerate haircolor degradation. Since you don’t want your clients singing, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” get her to use Redken’s Color Extend Sun’s After-Sun Shampoo to remove salt, chlorine and minerals and keep her haircolor looking healthy and vibrant. The patented UV filter Mexoryl S.O continues to protect the hair even after the product is rinsed out, so using the shampoo prior to sun exposure will also help prevent UV damage

UVA/UVB rays strip away the cuticle causing hair to become dull, rough and prone to frizz and fly-aways. Before you know it, hair is left dry and brittle. To help reverse existing damage and resurface sun-stressed strands, get client’s to use the After-Sun Mask in place of a regular conditioner whenever hair has been exposed to damaging UV rays or drying pool chemicals and sea minerals. Just apply using a wide-tooth comb and leave in for 5-15 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. Yes, it is that easy!


Cutler loves the long-lasting effects of the products and the feel of hair after several uses: “It’s as if sun, salt or chlorine, hasn’t even touched the hair. Our Miami salon clients love the Sparkling Shield, since they can apply it throughout the day leaving their hair soft to the touch and shiny even while out in the sun everyday!”


All of Redken’s Color Extend Sun products are formulated with Hydra-Shield Complex and provide long-lasting broad-spectrum protection against UV rays while rebalancing moisture in sun-stressed tresses leaving hair shiny, silky and smooth. New patented UV filter, Soplexyl™ is responsible for giving hair substantive UV protection and remains effective even when formula is rinsed out. Mango Oil prevents dryness and offers intense replenishment and softness, while Ceramide penetrates the hair fiber to strengthen and repair damaged areas. In addition, Color Extend Sun is a perfect compliment to the Color Extend collection.

Flat to Full

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Color Trends From The Experts

Posted by jessica offenbaker on January 4, 2010 at 12:31 PM Comments comments (1)

This winter season, look for more sophisticated, 'cooler' brunettes and blondes. Redken's experts, Tracey Cunningham and David Stanko, have the latest in fall haircolor trends, professional haircolor products, and tips to communicate with your colorist and to attain the “coolest” looks of the season. 

“Small adjustments can help you update your look from season to season,” explains Cunningham. “I cool my clients’ shades down with Redken’s new Color Gels Ash Blue creating sophisticated, cool shades. A color is said to have 'cool tones' if it tends toward blue or violet, such as platinum blondes, ash browns, and plum reds.”

Trend #1: Brunettes




“Brunettes will go to a whole new level this fall/winter with an overall cooler base. Think Fergie’s shade; her lighter highlights really show through her dark, chestnut base making her haircolor look so flawless and effortless.” – Tracey Cunningham



 Trend #2: Blondes



“Blondes will be blonde this fall – think Drew Barrymore’s cool, nearly platinum blonde shade for this inspiration. Client’s can often be concerned with the cost to achieve and keep the perfect shade of blonde, but I find that women cut back in other areas rather than haircolor as it’s one of a consumers’ most prominent and most seen everyday accessory!” – Tracey Cunningham


 Trend #3: Redheads



“I brought Lindsay back to her original roots as a true redhead. This fall/winter, redheads will be more sophisticated, and playful with their beautiful shade, with deep red tones and a few cool, blonde highlights throughout to enhance the red even more.” – Tracey Cunningham




 If you're looking for these cooler shades this winter, ask your colorist about the new Ash Blue. Redken's Color Gel's features and benefits include:

•Select Dye System: 100% oxidative, long-lasting dyes for color with holding power and resistance to fading

•Wheat Proteins: Help protect hair’s protein structure during the coloring process

•Avocado Oil: Serves as a natural emollient to help keep hair soft, touchable and glossy

“Remember that good communication with your colorist is essential for getting the color you want,” adds Stanko. “A few minutes of pre-salon prep can help you explain your goals, and ensure that your colorist understands your desired result.”


 Things to know before you go:

•Try to walk into the salon with your everyday "look," so your colorist can get a feel for what you're comfortable with.


•If you have the time, do a little research into color science. Knowing the difference between terms like demi-permanent and permanent color can help you and your colorist communicate more efficiently. Study up with Redken's glossary.


•Your colorist is there to work with you to achieve beautiful color. The more you can explain what you want, the better the collaboration will be.


•If you are going in for "corrective color" – to correct color results you are unhappy with from a prior coloring experience – be prepared for a longer visit, as your colorist may need to remove old color and then recolor your hair.

Salon Prep Check List :

•Bring your inspiration: Photographs and examples of haircolor you love will help you and your colorist explore your color options – and ensure that you both mean the same thing when you say, "honey blonde" or "scarlet red."


•Know your history: Be prepared to tell your colorist about any prior color services, whether it was highlights last year or a color gloss last month.


•Trust your colorist: Listen to your colorist's expert opinion. During your color consultation, he or she will consider your desired result, then evaluate your hair's condition and look at your skin tone and coloring in order to create your custom color formulation.


•Ask questions: If you hear a color term you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask your colorist for an explanation. Remember to inquire about maintenance – how often you'll need to return to the salon for touchups, and how to best maintain your color at home between visits with Redken haircare products.


*find out more at

Straight Talk

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This video is in my members only section. If you are a member, you will know there are a couple of things I disagree with in this video:


First -I Prefer a large round brush to straighten long, coarse or curly hair; a medium-size one to add body and smoothness to medium-to-long hair; or small one to give short hair a volume boost.

Second - Power dry the hair until it is almost completely dry, focusing more on the root area. Make sure the airflow is going straight down your hair shaft to maintain smoothness and decrease frizz. In the areas you want more body, simply blow dry the hair to the opposite direction while maintaining airflow down your hair shaft.

Third - If you must use a flat iron, keep it moving! Move your flat-iron down each section in smooth passes with medium pressure. Starting and stopping, as a well as pressing too hard, can leave "dents" in your hair. Use the back end of your Flat Iron for hairline and flyaways.

Finally - Finish with a Cool Shot. No Matter how you style your hair, to lock it in and create more shine, use your dryers cool shot on a low setting.

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Summer Haircolor Trends

Posted by jessica offenbaker on June 8, 2009 at 12:57 PM Comments comments (1)

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5 Great Prom Hairstyles

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on March 23, 2009 at 5:36 PM Comments comments (1)

You don't have to be crowned the queen to steal the spotlight on prom night. Rock great hair and you'll be the belle of the ball.

Audrina Patridge

1. The Side Knot

Audrina Partridge's side bun is totally fun and girlie. Make sure to use a lot of hairspray so it stays in place all night long.

Miley Cyrus prom look

2. Loose Updo

If you're a dancing queen, you can go wrong with a loose updo Miley Cyrus. It'll move the music without looking disheveled.

Ashley Tisdale

3. Low Side Ponytail

Show off long hair but keep it in control with a low side ponytail like Ashley Tisdale.

Jordin Sparks

4. Mini Pompadour

Part punky, part romantic, Jordan Sparks' mini pompadour is stylish and chic.

Hilary Duff

5. Half-Up Hairstyle

Pulled together in the front, and loose in the back--Hilary Duff's half-up hairstyle is the best of both worlds. - Rachel Hayes

Check in weekly for the how to's....

10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

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Pro clues it's time to redo your 'do

By Laurie Campbell for Marie Claire

girl with long wavy hair 

Special Offer

Your hair has no volume.
The top is flat, the sides are bulky, and it no longer frames your features. "If your hair just sits there, even after you've blown it dry, set it, or curled it, at the very least get a trim," says Mark Garrison of the eponymous New York City salon.

Your high school friends assure you that "you haven't changed a bit!"

Guess what? It's probably time to do just that, says Sam Brocato of the hair-care company Brocato America. Start getting inspired by collecting images of cuts you'd consider. Revisit them weekly until you can picture living with one of them. Next, schedule an appointment.

Your highlights are more noticeable than your base color.

"This is an indication that your highlights have become too heavy," says Garrison. The fix? Consider a single process to cover the streaks and lay off new highlights for at least three months. (Don't worry, some of the lighter bits will naturally show through, giving you a subtler, sun-kissed effect.)

You're not receiving compliments on your hair anymore.

One simple tweak sure to garner attention is to set your strands in hot rollers, suggests Federico Calce of Federico Salon in New York City. "Of all the heat-styling tools, they produce the softest, sexiest waves."

Your hair and skin tone match.
If your tress and skin tones have become too close, you could benefit from lowlights, says Garrison. Add deeper, warmer streaks using peroxide and ammonia-free color to give your look loads of dimension without damaging your hair.


Your clothes have evolved; your hair hasn't.
According to Brocato, altering your clothing style is the perfect excuse to update your 'do. This way, your new look will work from head to toe ? literally. For example, if you've recently lost weight and are finally sporting all those curve-hugging clothes previously relegated to the back of your closet, you might want to get a sleeker, more face-flattering coif.

Two words: Brillo pad.

Lopping off significant length may be the only way to eliminate dryness. But in the meantime, switch to a cream-based styler (such as Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom) to add moisture to your hair, which will render it more supple and less apt to break.

You pull your hair into a ponytail all the time.

Garrison suggests adding bangs or layers to give your locks some shape ? that way, you'll be more apt to wear them down.

You spend more than 20 minutes styling your hair.

If it takes this long, your cut is clearly not making the most of your texture. A fast fix: Get your stylist to create 'dos that work with your curls (like long layers) or that boost your lank locks (like a blunt bob).

SIGN #10
Your stylist could cut your hair with her eyes closed.

Sounds like someone's in a rut (not just you). Seek out fresh eyes/scissors.

The Answer is Here!

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I believe that washing your hair everday strips it of its natural oils and aids in dehydrating your hair!  KMS has come out with a product that helps keep your hair fresh between shampoos!  It's called Hairplay Makeover Spray!  It is a matted spray which absorbs excess oil, increases hair volume at the roots, enhances overall texture and builds bulk, leaving hair refreshed and clean. It can be used on all hair types, even fine or limp hair.

Hairplay Make-over Spray contains KMS California?s patented IOPS (inside out perfecting system) technology, which when combined with grape, peppermint and rice powder creates a fusion of active ingredients which completely enter the hair shaft, reconstructing from the inside out.


Shake well before use

  • Hold the can 10 - 12 inches away and spray directly onto your roots and hair
  • Let dry before shaking out the excess with your fingers
  • Style as desired
  • Use to prepare hair for styling: helps keep pins and clips from slipping

It has recieved national recognition and is even mentioned by Whitney Casey Celebrity Author of "The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild... Not Away "


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For more info, please visit the KMS website at

How To Deal With Your Bangs Between Visits

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on January 5, 2009 at 12:06 PM Comments comments (3)

If you don't have time between visits for a bang trim, try some of these quick styles to get them out of your way:


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Should You Color Your Hair When You're Pregnant?

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on October 6, 2008 at 3:09 PM Comments comments (2)

The answer is yes!  Hair Color doesn't seep into your brain.  The fumes may be harsh if your stylist is using cheap hair color.  I worked with chemicals  and colored my hair every 4 weeks throughout both of my pregnancies and my kids are absolutley normal.  No extra eyes limbs or any of the above.  Doctor's say don't do it because they don't know!  Just like most humans, they fear the unknown.  At least unknown to them.  The only possible side effect would be how your hair reacts to chemicals.  When your hormones are out of whack, there is a possiblity that your hair won't react the same or might not even react at all!  You think Gwen Stefani stopped bleaching her black hair Platinum?  NO WAY!!!!

Are there any topics you would like to see discussed? leave a comment or email me ColourCode Salon?2008

Appointment Tips

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on September 29, 2008 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (3)

Here are some helpful tips to help your hair appointment go smoothly:

  • Come Prepared : Know what you want or don?t want. BRING PICTURES! We love to see your style. A picture is better then a colorists? swatch book because the swatches are not real hair therefore, they are not accurate end results.
  • Do Your Research : Knowing the difference between terms like demi-permanent and permanent color can help you and your stylist communicate more efficiently. Visit this site: Colour Glossary
  • Be Realistic : try to choose styles that not only fit your lifestyle but suit your face shape and skin tone as well. Leave it in your stylist? hands.
  • Don?t Be Late : This will run everyone behind. Your stylist will try to compensate time and more then likely rush your appointment to make up. It?s not fair to the person after you who IS on time to have to wait.
  • Don?t Be Too Early : Even 15 minutes is pushing it.  Your stylist will feel rushed. There might be someone else in your stylists chair or your stylist might be trying to finally take a break or get a quick bite to eat.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing : You might get a little dirty.  Not all artist are
  • Look Like You Do Everyday : your stylist can get a feel for what you're comfortable with and how you might be styling you hair at home.
  • Make a List Of Questions or Concerns : If it?s your first time with your stylist, tell them your hair history. It plays an important role in how your hair will react. Please ask questions if something concerns you that way your stylist knows your comfort zones and will not step over your boundaries. Or if you simply don?t understand a term your stylist uses, ASK!
  • Make Sure You Have Time : Ask ahead of time approximately how long your service will take. Remember, if you are coming in for corrective color be prepared for a longer visit, as your stylist may need to remove old color and then recolor your hair.
  • Don?t Bring Kids : The Salon is a place for EVERYONE to get pampered but it?s not a place for kids. Even if they are well behaved accidents happen. There are a lot of chemicals and sharp objects. Your stylist will more then likely rush you right out the door to get your kids out of there.
  • Bring a List of Medications : If you have been prescribed anything within the past couple of years, it?s in your hair and will play a main role in how your color hair will react to hair color.
  • Don?t Show Up With Wet Hair : We?re going to wash your hair anyway and believe me we?ve seen worse dirty heads then yours. Your Stylist won?t be able to tell whats going on if your hair is wet and it will take extra time to dry your hair before your service.
  • Let us Guide Your Head At The Shampoo Bowl : The more you try to help us by moving your head around, the more chance you?ll probably get wet. Just relax and let your stylist do all the work.
  • Don?t Cross Your Legs : This will throw of the balance of your shoulders and body leaving you with a crooked cut.
  • Keep Your Head Where We Put It : We need your head in certain positions to achieve the cut or style you are asking for.
  • Pay Attention : When your stylist is explaining what they?re doing and how to achieve those results at home, LISTEN. If your stylist doesn?t offer any advice, ask for it.
  • Don?t Talk While Blow Drying : Sorry we can?t hear you over the blow-dryer and it will slow everything down to have to keep stopping the dryer to ask ?WHAT??
  • Don?t Freak Out : Contain yourself until the end result is produced. When you freak out cause your cut looks to blunt or heavy and your stylist isn?t finished, they will freak out as well and might not finish up to their usual potential.
  • Don?t Be Afraid To Speak Up : When your stylist asks you wait you think about what they?ve done with your hair, be honest! That?s the only way they can truly make you happy.
  • Bring Cash : It?s appreciated if you tip in cash for any service.
Are there any topics you would like to see discussed? leave a comment or email me ColourCode Salon?2008

Seasons Change......Our Hair Chages With Them!

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on August 25, 2008 at 12:53 PM Comments comments (0)

Fall is right around the corner and styles are changng.  Our bodies are changing too!  They're trying to adjust to the weather changes, hormonal changes, stress added from school or work starting up again.  What most people might not know is.... this affects our hair and skin, too.  Everything does!  Weather changes promote dandruff.  So if your having a flakey scalp, you're not the only one!  If you'd like to get rid of that but have color treated hair, there's no need to worry.  Redken makes a Dandruff Control System that you can use at home as well as a Salon Treatment......

Dandruff Control






Chlorine built up in your hair over the summer?  Try the also color safe Hair Cleansing Cream from Redken.  This Shampoo not only smells amazing, it gets rid of build up due to mineral deposits like copper, iron, and hard water minerals as well as styling product build up while adding shine.  You can also come in for the Pre-Art service which is a professional salon service that equalizes hair porosity, as well as removing build up, prior to chemical services.

Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo





Limp, dull, dehydrated  hair really got you down?  Try a redken hair recovery treatment It's and exclusive in-salon service that offers intense, customized benefits for your hairs individual needs  It is formulated by your hairdresser to transform the condition of your hair to it's natural, healthy state.  It too is, of course, color safe and actually prolongs the life of your color.






Has your natural color faded and you don't want permant hair color?  Come in for a Hair Glaze which is a Redken Shades EQ(Voted #1 Hair Glaze by Hair Professionals since the Stylist Choice Awards started), Ammonia free, conditioning color gloss that lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on frequency of shampooing as well as type of Haircare Products being used. It adds intense shine and vibrancy.  It's also available in clear if your hair just needs a pick me up.

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