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Full-On Volume

Posted by jessica offenbaker on December 7, 2009 at 3:27 PM Comments comments (0)

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Straight Talk

Posted by jessica offenbaker on November 8, 2009 at 2:21 PM Comments comments (0)

This video is in my members only section. If you are a member, you will know there are a couple of things I disagree with in this video:


First -I Prefer a large round brush to straighten long, coarse or curly hair; a medium-size one to add body and smoothness to medium-to-long hair; or small one to give short hair a volume boost.

Second - Power dry the hair until it is almost completely dry, focusing more on the root area. Make sure the airflow is going straight down your hair shaft to maintain smoothness and decrease frizz. In the areas you want more body, simply blow dry the hair to the opposite direction while maintaining airflow down your hair shaft.

Third - If you must use a flat iron, keep it moving! Move your flat-iron down each section in smooth passes with medium pressure. Starting and stopping, as a well as pressing too hard, can leave "dents" in your hair. Use the back end of your Flat Iron for hairline and flyaways.

Finally - Finish with a Cool Shot. No Matter how you style your hair, to lock it in and create more shine, use your dryers cool shot on a low setting.

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Halloween Hair Ideas

Posted by jessica offenbaker on October 5, 2009 at 6:57 PM Comments comments (0)

Dita Von Teese hairstyle

Set your shoulder length strands on medium-size hot rollers. Once cool, remove rollers and brush through for a soft, sexy wave. Polish the surface with a glossy love potion and then tuck a side back to keep things in proper place.

Enhance your eyes with heavy eyeliner and place a full fake eyelash on your top lashline. Pencil in your brows, then go for a dark matte finish lipstick.


Shanna Moakler hairstyle

Apply a dime-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair and blow dry hair while using a round brush, rolling the ends under. Once dry, run a flat iron over half-inch sections for extra-sleek results. Produce a clean, center-part and then mist with hairspray for soft hold. Add a fun accessory to dress up your hairstyle.


Lauren Conrad-Hair-Hair Accessory

Charles Baker Strahan, the stylist who created the look, curled the entire head with an 3/4-inch iron, then arranged the tendrils into a low bun. "I left some volume at the bottom so it almost looked like a '30s bob," he said. As for the flash of bling? "Once Lauren put on her dress, I wanted to finish the look and she had some jewelry out. I picked it, she loved it, and the rest is history!"


 Gwen Stefani hairstyle

Step 1: Start with dry, curly locks. Take a two-inch section of hair from in front and hold it straight up. Use a tight-tooth comb and backcomb in short strokes along the back of the section toward your scalp.

Step 2: Smooth over the surface of the section with your comb as you create a large rolled-back loop. Pin into place on top of your head.

Step 3: Take a two-inch section from each side, smooth it tight against your head and place into a tight ponytail on top of your head behind the pinned loop.


 Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

Simply roll your chin length strands up onto hot rollers and let firmly set. When cooled, undo and finger through your curls for a sizzling starlet appeal.

Add ultra-thin eyeliner on top, long sexy lashes to bat all night, high arched brows and a sultry satin red lip. To complete the look, use a sharp brow pencil and twist on a beauty mark just a kiss above the lip.


Katie Cassidy-Hair Tip

 "My inspiration came from the dress and the styles of the ‘70s,” said hairstylist Lea Journo, who created the look. She gathered a high ponytail, teased five sections, and curled them with a large-barrel iron. Bobby pins and a mist of hairspray kept the pieces locked in place at the base of the ponytail.


Christina Hendricks hairstyle

Step 1: Mist a one-inch section of dry hair with styling spray, then wrap it around a medium curling iron. Hold section in place for a few seconds to set curl, then release and repeat until all sections are curled.

Step 2: Leaving your bangs out, take one-inch wide vertical sections of hair and twist each while lifting up. Pin the twist into place against the back of your head while leaving the ends sprigging upward.

Step 3: Brush your bangs under and slightly to one side, then add a decorative headband. Spritz with hairspray to hold style.


 Madonna hairstyle

Activate your natural texture by applying a handful of volumizing mousse and scrunch drying with a diffuser. Twist dry pieces with tacky pomade or stiff wax and tousle as needed, then tie it all up with a big floppy bow. Don't forget lots and lots of hairspray to make it all stick.

Next, use a black pencil to line both upper and lower lashlines. Fill out your brows with a hair-matching brow pencil, and then dot a classic beauty mark above the right side of you lip. Line your lips with red pencil, then fill them in with a matte red lipstick. To complete the totally retro look, add bangles, beads and one oversized dangle

Bohemian Braid

Posted by jessica offenbaker on September 7, 2009 at 1:57 PM Comments comments (4)

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Go Ahead....Try These At Home!!!

Posted by jessica offenbaker on August 3, 2009 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (2)

Sultry Mahogany ShineSleek & SculptedSkyline GoldShining SweepShimmering Contrasting TonesPower PlatinumPlayful EdgeLayer LiftGlamorous Golden SoftnessFlirty Metallic ReflectionsColor ExtendCity LightsShort & StunningSleek & SophisticatedNew ClassicLoose Full-Bodied WavesBlonde BrillianceColor Extend SunNaturally Volumized TextureGlamorous Blonde

New Product Line

Posted by jessica offenbaker on July 6, 2009 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (2)

Summer Haircolor Trends

Posted by jessica offenbaker on June 8, 2009 at 12:57 PM Comments comments (1)

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Curl Perfection

Posted by jessica offenbaker on June 1, 2009 at 2:23 PM Comments comments (2)

This video is in my members only section.  If you are a member, you will know there are a couple of things I disagree with in this video:


First - As with the first video, too much product is used! This will weigh your curls down and cut the life of your curls.

Second - When combing your product through, put a zig-zag part in your hair before diffusing. This will create aa more natural feel.

Third - Taks smaller sections! More liks square inches ans start twisting from the nape and work you way up to the hairline.

Fourth - When diffusing grasp you hair inside the diffuser from the ends and push your hair to cup your scalp.

Lastly - After Diffusing don't pull any product through your hair! There will also be no need to pull your curls apart because we will have taken smaller sections. If you must use a finishig product, try a spray shine.

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Bohemian Rapsody

Posted by jessica offenbaker on May 4, 2009 at 1:43 PM Comments comments (2)

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Toussle Your Tresses

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on April 26, 2009 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (3)

Tousled texture, pinned up sides and volume on top amps up Hilary Duff's lengthy hairstyle.

Key Styling Tip:Step 1: Mist damp hair with texturizing spray and then blow dry haphazardly while shaking out your hair with your fingers.
Step 2: Take a two-inch section on top and hold it straight up. Use a tight-toothed comb and backcomb in short strokes along the back of the section down toward your scalp. Repeat with all sections on top of your head.
Step 3: Take a large halo section on top and direct it back. Allow the top to buckle slightly and use several bobby pins to secure in back. Spritz with hairspray to lock in your look.
Hilary Duff hairstyle

Sparks does Sleek and Chic

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on April 20, 2009 at 2:56 PM Comments comments (5)
Jordin Sparks' smoothed-back ponytail has a pretty pompadour proof in the front.
Key Styling Tip:Step 1: Start with smooth hair. Isolate a halo section of hair on top of your head, starting at the front hairline.
Step 2: Take a two-inch section within the halo and hold straight up. Use a tight-toothed comb and backcomb in short strokes along the back down toward your scalp. Repeat with all sections within the halo.
Step 3: Using a natural-bristle brush, smooth the hair on the surface of the halo section as you direct it back. Gather all hair in back and secure into a ponytail with a coated elastic band.
Jordin Sparks hairstyle

Tisdale's Twist

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on April 13, 2009 at 4:44 PM Comments comments (3)

Perfect for a dressy occasion, Ashley Tisdale's low, side ponytail has a hint of volume at the roots.

Key Styling Tip:Step 1: Distribute a quarter-size amount of styling lotion mixed with a few drops of shine serum onto damp hair and then apply a large dollop of mousse onto just the roots.
Step 2: Blow dry in two-inch sections using a tight-bristled brush to lift roots and build volume. Create a side part.
Step 3: Twist your hair slightly from the front as you sweep it back and to one side. Place into a ponytail using a coated elastic band. Cover the band by winding with a half-inch section of hair and tucking the ends into the band.
Ashley Tisdale hairstyle

Miley Makes Waves

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on April 6, 2009 at 1:33 PM Comments comments (1)

Miley Cyrus' wavy strands look simply stunning thanks to delicate tendrils in front and pulled back curls.

Key Styling Tip:Step 1: Spritz a two-inch section of dry hair with styling spray. Starting about five inches away from your scalp, wrap section around a large curling iron. Hold in place for a few seconds to set curl and then release. Repeat, alternating curl directions.
Step 2: Run your fingers through your hair to break up sections and then create a diagonal part.
Step 3: Leaving a few pieces out in the front, sweep your texturized length back and slightly to one side. Twist a few times, and pin into place in back with the ends sprigging upward and out.
Miley Cyrus hairstyle

Partridge Prom Do

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on March 30, 2009 at 5:28 PM Comments comments (0)

Audrina Partridge opts for a smoothly braided and swooped-to-the-side chic chignon.

Key Styling Tip:Start with smooth, dry hair. Gather your length to one side and secure into a ponytail using a coated elastic band. Create a classic three-strand braid all the way down the ponytail and then secure the ends with a small elastic band. Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail until you run out of hair. Tuck the ends in and pin the bun securely into place. Spritz with hairspray for the perfect finish.
Audrina Patridge hairstyle

5 Great Prom Hairstyles

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on March 23, 2009 at 5:36 PM Comments comments (1)

You don't have to be crowned the queen to steal the spotlight on prom night. Rock great hair and you'll be the belle of the ball.

Audrina Patridge

1. The Side Knot

Audrina Partridge's side bun is totally fun and girlie. Make sure to use a lot of hairspray so it stays in place all night long.

Miley Cyrus prom look

2. Loose Updo

If you're a dancing queen, you can go wrong with a loose updo Miley Cyrus. It'll move the music without looking disheveled.

Ashley Tisdale

3. Low Side Ponytail

Show off long hair but keep it in control with a low side ponytail like Ashley Tisdale.

Jordin Sparks

4. Mini Pompadour

Part punky, part romantic, Jordan Sparks' mini pompadour is stylish and chic.

Hilary Duff

5. Half-Up Hairstyle

Pulled together in the front, and loose in the back--Hilary Duff's half-up hairstyle is the best of both worlds. - Rachel Hayes

Check in weekly for the how to's....


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Oscar Hair How To's

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on March 2, 2009 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (4)

Oscar wasn’t the only thing that sparkled at this year’s Academy Awards! Brilliant hair shined on the red carpet with some of the best looks we’ve seen to date; there was literally not one bad hairdo for us to rag on. We spotted lots of trends that are sure to make their way into your chair throughout the season, so you better brush up! Here are the how-tos for our favorite red carpet trends.

The Trend: Elegant Partial Updo
Spotted On: Angelina Jolie
Celebrity stylist David Babaii made Best Actress nominee Angelina Jolie look picture-perfect with a romantic cascade of curls styled into an elegant partial updo.
1. Spray entire head with David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray and scrunch it into the hair for texture and hold.
2. Dry her hair by dividing tresses into three sections: top, sides and back, leaving the nape area free. Taking small sections starting at the nape, blow dry with a nozzle attachment and finish with a large round brush to smooth hair straight.
3. Spray David Babaii for WildAid Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier to the root area and down the hair shaft. Dry with a jumbo round brush to add lift and volume. 
4. Once dry, section the hair again using the same sectioning process as before and use a styling iron to create “ribbon curls” by taking small “V” shaped sections. To achieve, wrap the hair around and inside the styling iron close to the scalp area and pull the iron down (similar to curling ribbon).
5. After curling the entire head, smooth some of the curls with a brush while leaving some intact.
6. At the crown area, back-comb the hair at the scalp area only, spray some additional Root Amplifier and gently smooth the surface.
7. To create the half-up, half down look, brush the sides up and back and secure with pins. Run fingers up several curls to create volume and variations in texture. Finish with David Babaii for WildAid Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.

The Trend: Timeless French Twist
Spotted On: Marion Cotillard

Celebrity hair stylist Robert Vetica created a flawless, dramatic look for Marion Cotillard that worked perfectly with her elegant John Galliano gown. Vetica created a shimmering, ultra modern take on the French Twist, inspired by Cecil Beaton’s portraits of the great fashion and society icons of the 40s and 50s. Polished and styled close to the head, the French Twist was rolled large and emphasized volume for a contemporary edge.
1. Blow dry hair with a round brush and use Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream to smooth, detangle strands and prevent frizz, then create a low side part. 
2. Tease the hair all over, paying extra attention to the crown and the back of the head.
3. Brush the teased hair and shape it into a full, lavish French Twist, roll and pin it in place.
4. Use a rat tail comb to lift the crown and emphasize the volume from the back.
5. Finish with a light spray of new Moroccanoil® Gold Glimmer Shine to give the look a luminous, natural looking and long-lasting shine.

The Trend: Feminine, Lose Updo
Spotted On: Freida Pinto, Marisa Tomei

Celebrity stylist Jeffrey Paul created a fresh and elegant red carpet hair look for Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto. “This look has a beautiful architecture; hair is twisted back into a youthful, feminine flower shape that complements Freida’s face shape and stunning Galliano gown,” says Paul.
1. Work a mixture of Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam and Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip into wet hair to add texture and volume.
2. Blow dry hair back to add lift and height at the roots.
3. Create a left side part and divide hair into three sections: three quarters of hair in one section on the right and the remaining hair into two smaller sections.
4. Pull the right section of hair back into a low ponytail just behind the right ear above the nape of the neck.
5. Twist the ponytail, working Defining Whip into hair. Wrap the ponytail around the base, creating a flower shape. Secure in place with pins.
6. Work Defining Whip into each of the remaining sections and twist back and around the flower shape, creating a layered, rose-like effect.
7. Finish the look with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray and shake the head a bit to loosen up the look and provide a sense of natural movement.

Adir Abergel was called in to create Best Supporting Actress nominee Marisa Tomei’s lovely side-swept ‘do for the big night. He used the trusty tools from FHI Heat to create her soft, feminine look. "The look exudes looseness, softness and lots of femininity, which complements the twists and turns of her graceful dress," explains Abergel.
1. Blow hair out with a round brush (Abergel used FHI Heat’s Nano Salon Pro 2100 Blow Dryer).
2. Pin hair in place as it cools, using hair clips to secure hair in various soft curves.
3. Sweep the bangs to the side and let them cascade gently over one eye.
4. Finally, use bobby pins to secure the hair, remove the hair clips and finish with hairspray.  

The Trend: Classic Chignon
Spotted On: Queen Latifah, Natalie Portman

Hairstylist Julie Baker created a very elegant chignon for her longtime client Queen Latifah who sang and presented at the event. "Latifah's dress was very elegant and chic, and her hair needed to complement this, so we decided on a modern chignon,” says Baker.
1. Blow dry hair smooth with FHI Heat’s Nano Salon Pro 2100 blow dryer then smooth strands with the FHI Heat Runway styling iron.
2. Create a side part so the fringe swoops down in front.
3. Twist hair into a low chignon at the back of the head, slightly off to one side. 

The Trend: The Bob
Spotted On: Nicole Kidman, Taraji Henson

Presenter Nicole Kidman’s Oscar look was all about glamorizing the bob, says celebrity stylist David Babaii. He created a “faux bob” which complemented the svelte star's gown perfectly.
1. After towel-drying thoroughly, apply David Babaii for WildAid Amplifying Whipped Mousse for volume and hold.
2. Dry hair by dividing it into three sections: top, sides and back leaving the nape area free. Creating small sections and blow dry with a nozzle attachment, starting at the nape. Dry each section with a medium round brush to smooth and create a soft round bend to the ends. 
3. Once again, section the hair into three sections: top with a side part, sides and back leaving the nape area free. Create waves by forming “V” shaped pieces and running a styling iron down the hair shaft from close to the roots to the ends to create a sleek, smooth look. 
4. Repeat half way down the hair shaft and utilize the beveled edge of the iron by turning it (like a curling iron) to create a soft curl. Clip each curl and spray with David Babaii for WildAid Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.
5. Alternate the direction of each row of curls in order to achieve a finger wave effect. Gently brush and form into soft waves using the Light Styling Spray for a soft long lasting hold. Brush back one side and secure with a decorative hair pin.

New York-based celebrity hair stylist Dante Blandshaw created the stunning red carpet look for Best Supporting Actress nominee Taraji Henson. “I wanted to create a modern, asymmetrical, textured bob with natural movement and shine,” says Blandshaw.
1. Prep hair with Aveda Brilliant Damage Control to protect from heat styling.
2. Blow dry hair straight using a paddle brush.
3. After blow drying, add a dime-sized amount of Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme to add additional shine without weighing hair down.
4. Flat-iron hair to create the foundation for a smooth, sleek red carpet look.
5. Using 1.5” and 2” barrel curling irons, curl hair throughout to give bend and movement, accenting the layers in the cut.
6. Slightly curl the front to create a soft, side-swept bang for added height and fullness.
7. Comb hair through with a wide-tooth comb and finish with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray. -Angie Manson

Oscar Night 'Dos

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Grammy Looks

Posted by JessicaOffenbaker on February 16, 2009 at 3:58 PM Comments comments (0)

e always look forward to the Grammys for spotting some seriously rockin’ celeb looks. The best part is that we never know what to expect from the music crowd. This year didn’t disappoint—there were looks that made us scratch our heads in utter confusion, along with hairstyle gems that made the red carpet glitter. Here are the how-tos for some of our favorites.

The Celeb: Katy Perry
The Look: Glam-Noir
How to Get It: Katy Perry's hair looked edgy-elegant and movie star fabulous. Celebrity stylist Enzo Angileri created the pop star’s ‘do. His goal was to mix-up a cool blend of Marilyn Monroe from "How to Marry a Millionaire" with a touch of Elizabeth Taylor.
1. First, Angileri dried Katy's hair with a blow dryer and a round brush. 
2. Next, he used a curling iron to create a loose Marcel wave, then curled and shaped the bottom sections
3. Since the focal point of the look was super-light, silky, natural shine, Angileri used new Moroccanoil® Gold Shimmer Spray all over the hair for a dramatic but natural shine.



The Celeb: Carrie Underwood

The Look: Classy Casual
How to Get It: PureOlogy PureArtist Mary Katherine Hecht offers this suggestion to recreate Carrie’s simply chic look.
1. Begin by round brushing hair with a cocktail of NanoGlaze and PowerDressing to create body, hold and shine without the frizz.
2. Backcomb the crown area slightly, then pin hair back into a classic twist. Piece out the sides a bit and mist with hairspray.



The Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow
The Look: Sexy and Earthy
How to Get It: Celebrity stylist David Babaii tended to the tresses of Gwyneth Paltrow, who attended the event to support her hubby, Cold Play front man Chris Martin, and to introduce legendary Brit band Radiohead.
1. Before drying, Babaii lightly misted Gwyn’s hair with his David Babaii for Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray and created a center part. Using his hands instead of a brush while drying, he created a subtle soft texture.
2. After hair was completely dry, he sectioned the hair into three parts: top, sides and back, leaving the nape area free.
3. Starting at the nape and working up and to the sides, he took large strands and created a slight bend to the hair at the ends with his Styling Iron, alternating the direction of the curls to achieve a less structured pattern.

The Celeb: Taylor Swift

The Look: Deconstructed Bohemian Updo
How to Get It: Celebrity stylist Enzo Angileri created the country star’s elegant, spirited, fresh look.
1. Angileri used a medium-sized curling iron throughout the hair to create volume at the roots for added lift.
2. He then applied Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream on the ends to hydrate, smooth and restore elasticity after using the curling iron.
3. He asked Swift to lift up her face up and brought her chin all the way up. He gathered all of her hair together in one quick movement, and twirled it around and into place.
4. After he misted her hair with Moroccanoil’s new Gold Glimmer Shine Spray he pinned strands in place with four or five strategically placed bobby pins.


The Celeb: Miley Cyrus

The Look: Braided Beauty
How to Get It: Mary Katherine Hecht says Miley’s look is simple to recreate.
1. First work a volumizing spray into the hair, like PureOlogy ThickeningMist.
2. Finger dry hair to achieve texture and body. Add a little more bounce by wrapping a few sections around a curling iron.
3. Next, tease hair slightly at the crown and create a side part. Work a loose braid into one section of the hair and pull into a side ponytail, leaving a few front pieces out to frame the face.


The Celeb: Nicole Kidman
The Look: Sleek and Sophisticated
How to Get It: Celebrity stylist David Babaii shares his how-to for Nicole’s polished look, who attended the event with her pop-country crooner husband Keith Urban.
1. Babaii applied a small amount of David Babaii for WildAid Hair Polish to wet hair then created a center part.
2. Next, he sectioned Kidman’s locks, dividing the top, sides and back.
3. He dried her hair, starting in the nape area and moving onto the rest of the sections until her entire head was dry. He finished the drying process with a large paddle brush and a nozzle attachment to smooth hair straight.
4. He applied more Hair Polish then divided Kidman’s hair into three parts again: top, sides and back.
5. Starting at the nape area and taking small sections at a time, he combed the hair before running a flat iron through until perfectly straight. -behindthechair 



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