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Jessica Offenbaker

Services and Prices

Consultations are Complimentary!

I accept Cash, All Major Credit Cards and Paypal.


Women's Haircuts:$65 Includes Wash and Style-Out

Haircut Express: $50 Includes Wash without Style-out

STYLE OUTS: $35/$45/$55
Depending on length of hair and time taken.  This service is NOT an updo.


Ammonia free, conditioning color gloss that lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on frequency of shampooing as well as type of Haircare Products being used.  Adds intense shine and vibrancy.  Also available in clear.
Single Process New growth only.  This service is not a highlight retouch.
Single Process new growth only.  Does not include style-out. This Service is not a highlight retouch.

COLOR BALANCE: starts at $80
Single Process Color from new growth to ends of hair
Priced upon length* thickness and Product usage
PARTIAL HIGHLIGHTS:(Foil Highlights placed on top, sides, and optional around hairline in back)
1 COLOR: $75 & up
2 COLORS or more: $85 & up 
Priced upon length* thickness and Product usage
Hairgloss and Style Out included 
FULL HIGHLIGHTS:(Foil Highlights placed all over head)
1 COLOR: $105 & up
2 COLORS OR MORE: $115 & up
Priced upon length* thickness of hair and Product usage
Hairgloss and Style Out included
BALAYAGE:(The art of Hairpainting. Highlights placed throughout the hair freehand)
Priced upon a consultation, length*, and thickness Starts at $100 & up 
Priced upon a consultation, length*, and thickness

Exclusive in-salon service that offers intense, customized benefits for your hairs individual needs(formulated to transform the condition of your hair to it's natural, healthy state).  Includes a style out.
This two-step 100% vegan salon treatment  naturally and gently lifts away mineral deposits and other environmental toxins hiding in your hair and infuses protein deep into the hair structure only where damage exists!. 
*Short Hair                $150
*Mid-Length Hair       $200
*Long Hair                $250
*Extra long Hair        $300

Works like the Brazilian Blowout without all the harsh Chemicals! Get sleek, smooth & shiny hair with this treatment, the fastest defrizz and smoothing service ever! A simple, time-saving treatment that defrizzes, devolumizes, and smoothes any hair type! Pravana Perfectin hydrates and conditions hair, leaving hair healthy, hydrated and more manageable. Keratin-Henna formulas strengthen hair, add shine, improve elasticity. Each treatment lasts for up to 12 weeks.

I do not do perms and/or relaxers because I feel they are too harsh for the hair and I LOVE healthy hair. 
I do not do Ethnic Hair. 
I enjoy doing BOTH cuts and colour services. 
I specialize in, and prefer natural looking color placements  

*Length is determined by:

Short = At Chin and above

Mid-length = From Chin to Shoulders

Long = From Shoulders to Bra strap

Extra Long = Below Bra Strap  

**Level- Lightness or darkness of natural hair color.  The darker your natural color, the harder it is to go lighter.  I recommend going only 2-3 shades lighter than your base color.


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